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Ever wished you were fitter, lighter, faster, stronger or just plain healthier? Well, that's what AIA Vitality can help you achieve one healthy step at a time.
Whether you want to get active, eat a healthy diet or learn to manage a chronic condition, you'll find a wealth of information, advice and inspiration on this easy-to-use site. And, because we know that every person and every health profile is unique, we can customise the experience specifically for you. That's the best part.

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Once we know more about you, we can tailor your experience to your personal health needs and lifestyle. You’ll be able to:

  • Track your workouts, log a food and
  • Learn more with expert blogs and wellness articles
  • Connect with friends and gain support from like-minded people
As an AIA Vitality Guest you can start your health and wellness journey right away. To unlock all the benefits and rewards of AIA Vitality you must be a full member.

To find out more about becoming an AIA Vitality member, talk to your financial adviser or contact us here.

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Healthy Tools

The AIA Vitality toolbox is full of useful stuff. There are diaries and logs for recording meals and workouts. There are training maps, calorie calculators and a Diabetes tracker. Gear up. Start using them now.

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Healthy advice

Get professional, personal health and wellness advice from our diverse panel of experts. Based on your personal health interests, we’ll bring you a steady stream of expert blogs and articles to inform and inspire you every day. Starting today.

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Healthy support

You’re not alone on your journey to wellness. Why? Because every member of the AIA Vitality Community is on a similar journey too. Start connecting with people who share your health interests and wellness goals. It’s all about helping each other to achieve more and having fun along the way.

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Reward yourself 

AIA Vitality guests can enjoy this brand-new health resource anytime. However, if you’re a AIA Vitality member, you’ll earn AIA Vitality Points for completing activities on this site. And of course, those points will earn you even more rewards, from discounted movie tickets to cheaper flights and much more.
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